Consulting and strategy building


  • Patent drafting
  • Worldwide patent prosecution
  • Intellectual property & patent strategy
  • IP management
  • Patent searches
  • Assisting in patent litigation


Practice areas

Hardware and/or software and computer-based inventions,

Electrical engineering and electronics,

Video technology,


AI and Data Science applications,

Medical devices,



Semiconductor devices and semiconductor related processes,

Communications and telecommunications,


File management, etc

The office cooperates with law and patent offices worldwide to provide a full solution for our clients.

Who do we serve?

  • Startups
  • Growing companies
  • Companies looking for personalized and fast service
  • Companies in need of a flexible, patent portfolio management solution


Our Uniqueness

Customized Services for High-Tech and Software Companies

Our services are provided by Maya Basanchik, a licensed and experienced patent attorney, with rich field-proven experience in high end technology as an RND developer and as a Project Manager. Writing patents in advance technology fields requires in-depth understanding of the subject and intricate knowledge of relevant legal aspects. That’s why MB-Patentech has developed a reputation for excellence. We analyze your invention to ensure proper IP protection.


Personalized and Fast Service

  • Individual service customized to needs.
  • No bureaucracy! Off-site or on-site by request