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Why BM Patentech?

To receive professional and reliable service: We are a boutique office committed to professionalism and reliability. Our strategy is to invest in you, the customer, and not on a fancy office, in quality and not frills.
To know who is working for you: We provide personal and professional escorting from the concept to the patent. Every customer, big or small, receives VIP treatment from a licensed patent attorney (license no. 406) who personally performs the work for the customer.

רישום פטנטים
To utilize your budget in the best way possible – to pay less and get more: We will not press you to pay any unnecessary expenses. We will build a solution that matches your needs and capabilities.
To submit a patent promptly: Are you about to reveal your invention to an investor? Are you seeking a business partner? Are you due to display at an exhibition or interest potential buyers? We will provide services with guaranteed quick timetables.
To enjoy availability even when others offices have closed: We know that you are busy developing your product and will therefore also enable you to meet us after other offices have already closed for the day. We also offer the option of working at the customer's site in order to streamline your work time.

Especially for you, startups, hi-tech, medical equipment companies and application developers
Patent attorney Maya Basanchik worked for many years in various development and management position at hi-tech companies and brings with her the combination of technological understanding and legal knowledge.

Ideal for application developers and software product developers

It isn't easy today to obtain a patent for software or applications – the combination of technological understanding, our ability to analyze software processes, our experience and knowledge of the legal issues related to writing software patents will assists you in protecting your invention.

Our Uniqueness

Tailored Service to High Tech and Software Companies

Services provided by Maya Basanchik licensed and experienced patent attorney (license #406) with academic backgrounds as well as rich field-proven experience in the high-tech industry. We have hands-on experience in software, communication and technology.  Since writing patents requires in-depth understanding of the topics, our industry background fits your needs.  In addition, we know the legal details of patents connected to software and applications.  Therefore, we analyze the needs of your patents to ensure proper coverage for claims and other legal issues.

Personalised Interaction

 Personal service , Individual, custom services tailored to need.  No bureaucracy!  Off-site or On-site by request

Practice areas:


Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Hardware and software and computer-based inventions,
Electrical engineering and electronics,
Cellular technology,
Multi-media and other software,
Hardware, and integrated systems and processes,
Semiconductor devices and semiconductor related processes,
Communications and telecommunications,
Cellular applications,
File management
Big Data,


Medical Devices


Maya Basanchik
☏ 054-5425275


Additional Services

  • Mediation – Maya is a listed in the WIPO mediation list. If you need mediation in patentsrelated to high tech and in particular to software you can choose Maya Basanchik from the WIPO mediation list
  • Our office will assist you in applying to the Israel Innovation Authority

20151022_153659 (2)
Maya Basanchik with Alik Hochner and Shahar Levinshtein and the certificate of the USA patent granted to Baloota Applications LTD

Maya Basanchik with Oded Breiner, Itamar Einav and Gal Levinsky holding the certificate of the US granted patent for installing applications  in the ANDROID OS

Maya Basanchik with Ran Rayter from Berale holding the certificate of a USA patent for automatic summarizing of media content
Maya Basanchik with Ran Rayter from Berale holding the certificate of a USA patent for automatic summarizing of media content